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© 2017 Patrick Hassel Zein

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– a romantic science fiction mystery on a homo normative planet.

Text: © 2017 Patrick Hassel-Zein.
Fractals: © 2017 Patrick Hassel-Zein.

In the 24th century, humans have populated alien planets and met other intelligent life forms around our corner of the Milky Way.

The planet Minovar is populated by a species that is a hybrid between humans and a local primate. All the inhabitants of the planet are men, and they get sons by hatching eggs with each other.

One day, a young and eager Minovaran man steals a time ship, make a trip to a desolate part of Iceland during the early 21st century, falls in love with a young Icelander, and in the heat of the moment he starts a series of events that has much larger consequences than he could ever expect.

Great thanks to Wolfgang Zein, Stefan Reitersjö, Ingeborg Müller, mom, and all others that have supported me in this project!

As an author I can feel that I'm revealing my soul through my writing, even if it's obvious that this is no self-biography. I may worry about getting criticized, but the desire to share my fantasy with others simply became too strong.