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Patrick Hassel Zein's Main Index

Most of the pages in the list below contain information that I want to remember and always have available. Here you can find news, pictures, games, personal pages, a collection of quotes, patterns for knitting sweaters and some assorted stuff. Texts more or less on subjects directly connected with China, the Chinese language or linguistics in general are listed in the linguistic index.

Please note that some pages on this site are only available in Swedish and some only in English.

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About the Author:  Brief information about who I am, what I do and similar.
Bajoran Earrings:  A little page about a special interest in science fiction in general and Startrek in particular.
Chinese Cardgame:  On a trip through China I once met a little boy that taught me how to play Chudadi (i.e. "Hoe the Big Land"), a very fascinating and fun Chinese card-game. The rules have some similarities with poker. On this page I have written down the rules as I know them. Here you can also find links to other Chinese card-games.
Contact the author:  Here you can find my e-mail address.
Curriculum Vitæ:  My total and official curriculum vitæ!
Design:  Here you can read more about my books and designs in Tunisian crochet, as well as getting some new ideas about knited sweaters for men. I've also written about my folkloric costume from Kokkola in Finland.
Important Truths:  This is my collection of quotes and thoughts of the week.
KaleidoChess:  I have invented a very different and special strategic game. The board is round and the pieces that you play with are not similar to any of the pieces in regular chess. Here you can read all the rules.
Linguistic Index:  Most of the pages that I have published on the Net contain some sort of information about the Chinese language, Chinese culture or languages in general. In this separate index you will get a more detailed description of the contents of these pages.
Links:  A long list of my favourite links to some friends and other things in general.
Mah-Jongg:  Here you will find some short information about the Chinese game Mah-jongg.
Minovar:  I've written a romantic science fiction novel.
News & Updates:  To keep my readers informed about how and when my homepage is updated, I write information on this news page.
The Philosophical Page:  Oops! Was that my life? Can I have another one?
Photographies:  Some pictures of myself and several pictures from Iceland and China. Now also with a few pictures of ferrets!
Questions & Answers:  Here you will find the answers to some of the most common questions that my readers usually ask. Please read this page before you write me e-mail!
Restart:  Back to the front-page. Note that my URL is http://www.zein.se/patrick.

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