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© 2014-2016 Patrick Hassel Zein

This page was last updated 16.11.2016

Tunisian Crochet © Zein Design 2014-15

This is an e-book containing six new designs that I've made in Tunisian crochet during 2014-15. The collection contains two scarves, a shawl, finger mittens and two hats. The patterns include some new techniques.

Languages: This e-book is available in English on ravelry.com

Date of publishing: Autumn 2015.

Order and questions: Contact the author or buy on ravelry.com!

Click on the pictures below to see bigger pictures from the e-book!

Sub Rosam Green Island Scard Imperial Guard's Collar Tunisian Fingered Mittens Cephalopod Hat Basket Weaver's Hat