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This page was last updated 01.06.2004

Chinese Lucky Characters

There are some Chinese characters that are very common in congratulations, wishbringing and on amulets. On this page I will present a few such characters and a few objects with Chinese characters.

Many of these characters are available as stickers in gold and red. Chinese people often glue such stickers to their front doors, and in those cases they often turn the characters up-side down. On this page all characters are written up-side-up!

General signs

(identical in simplified form) Joy, to enjoy, to like
(identical in simplified form) "Double joy", "marital bliss"
(identical in simplified form) "Triple joy", "family bliss"
To love, to like a lot
(identical in simplified form) Welth, fortune, luck
Longevity, long life
(identical in simplified form) Eternal, eternity
(identical in simplified form) Safe, protected

(identical in simplified form) Peace, harmony
I've never seen this character written with simplified radicals, but it is theoretically possible to simplify the character a bit... "May all fortunes gather up in front of our door"

(Though the full forms are clearly more commonly used)
"Boundless longevity"

This is an unusually unusual character. Some variations may exist... This is a magical character against hangovers! Write the character with inkbrush on a piece of rice paper, burn the paper and mix the ashes with a glas of boiled water. Drink this "tea" while mumbling a magical formula of your own choice.


Faith - Hope - Love.

Astrological signs

The astrological signs are also common on amulets. Read more about the astrological sign on my page about Chinese astrology!

Variations, medallions and other stuff

Object Characters Comments
Click for a better view! "Double joy", "marital bliss"
Click for a better view! An amulet with the character for "longevity"
(or at least I THINK so...)
Click for a better view!
plus "gold" and "pair"
The golden pair "Fortune" and "Longevity".
(no character?) I can not clearly remember the meaning of this character... Probably "longevity"?
(no character) A medallion with a dragon (or phoenix?).