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Patrick Hassel Zein's Linguistic Index

The following pages are dedicated to all people who are studying the noble Chinese language. My goal with the pages is to help you find your way to surf in China, but also to give you some direct information about the Chinese language, Chinese culture and languages in general. Here you will also find all sorts of links to pages with more information about Chinese and Languages.

The tiny Swedish flags () are used to mark pages (currently) only available in Swedish.

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3000 Characters:  A list of the 3000 most common Chinese characters (to be able to read this, you will need a Chinese font in your computer).
Bachelor Thesis in Chinese:  Here you can read my bachelor thesis on teaching Chinese to Chinese children abroad. You can also download all documentation and data. These pages are only available in Swedish, as the thesis is much too long to be translated to English.
Chinese and Logics:  Some thoughts about how logical the structures of the Chinese language are...
Chinese Astrology:  On this page you can find out your astrological sign according to Chinese tradition. Every character is shown in many different fonts!
Chinese Books:  On this page I have written a list of books and computer programs that I can recommend. Most of the books are in English, but Swedish, German and Italian books are also listed.
Chinese Calligraphy:  This page is dedicated to the art of writing Chinese calligraphy.
Chinese Culture:  Here I've collected a number of short notes on assorted aspects of the Chinese culture. It is possible that some of these notes may develop into indipendent pages in the future, but right now I've only got time to write av few things on these matters.
Chinese Idioms:  This page describes a digital dictionary of idiomatic expressions in Chinese that I'm writing and a thesis in the same subject.
Chinese Links:  This is a list of my favourite links to Chinese culture, newspapers and all things Chinese on the Internet.
Chinese Lucky Characters:  A little page with Chinese characters that are especially common on amulets and in felicitations of all sorts.
Chinese on the Internet:  Here you will get information about how to make your computer display Chinese characters so that you can surf to China on the Net.
Chinese Phonetics:  Om this page I write some things on Chinese phonetics and the Chinese phonetical alphabet.
Contact the author:  Feel free to send me e-mail via this page!
Intro. to Studies in Chinese:  For the time being this document is only available in Swedish. The document gives a short presentation of a number of different aspects of the Chinese language and will give the reader a basic knowledge about the origins, construction of the characters and other particularities of the Chinese language. The document includes a description of the inner logic of the Chinese characters, short presentation of grammars, an accurate description of pronunciation (according to Mandarin) and much, much more. If you are interested in a translation; please let me know!
Language Links:  This list of links is rather short, but opens gates to interesting text about constructed languages, dictionaries and language in general.
Languages of the World:  In this page I discuss the importance of learning to communicate with people around the whole World and why constructed languages can be a good idea.
Poems by Emi Siao:  I am searching for other poems by Emi Siao. If you've got one or more in original language, please let me know!
Questions & Answers:  Here you will find the answers to some of the most common questions that my readers ask. Please read this page before you write me e-mail!
Restart:  Back to the front-page. Note that my URL is http://www.zein.se/patrick.
Some Chinese Characters:  This is simply a little Chinese/Swedish list of the characters mentioned in the above Introduction to Studies in Chinese.
Taijiquan:  Since I started training Taijiquan (Taichi), it has become a more and more important and worthwhile part of the development of my personality. I strongly recommend everybody of all ages to take a closer look at this combination of exercise and meditation!
Taijiquan Links:  Here you will get information about taijiquan and daoism.

Zhongwen.com -- Chinese dictionary

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