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Patrick Hassel Zein's Philosophy of Life

(Also named "Oops! Was that my life? Can I have another one?")

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Some assorted and rather mixed up philosophical thoughts...

Regrets, I've had a few...

Sometimes people say that this life is short. It isn't. But it's damned to short and valuable to be wasted on regrets and harping on the same string forever. Oh I have had some regrets, and the gods know that I've done my share of "harping". But I try to tell myself that the time simply wasn't right to do what I wanted or should have done back when the seeds to my regrets were planted.

Why don't I give you some examples? When I was about 17 years old I dreamt about studying Chinese, but I didn't. Instead the time turned out to be favourable when I turned 27. At about the same time I really started putting on too much weight. From time to time I wanted and tried to loose some weight, but I simply wasn't motivated enough and the time was simply never right. Today, five years later, the time is right and I loose one kilogram every second week. I feel great!!!

Timing is important, and not to have fear. Fears have a tendency of blocking all possible roads in life – no matter how widely open they actually are. But if you would feel regrets about something – anything! – you should learn from this experience and try to do something about it instead of "harping" your regrets. "Harping" will only consume all your energy without leading to any result.

I once read a book filled with philosophical questions. One of the questions that I remember goes like this; "If it is your destiny to die today, what would cause you the most sorrow NOT to have said to your friends and beloved?". It is really easy to understand the implications of such a question, but that doesn't make the question less interesting. This is one of the first question to ask yourself. Other similar questions may be "What have I always wanted to do, but never done?", "Whereto am I actually leading my life?", "Have I not forgotten to tell myself something important?".

Follow your Heart and Soul

But if I don't know whereto I'm leading my life? How do I know what road to follow? – That's easy to answer! Your soul knows the way, and your soul will lead you if you just stop and listen to it. When you are listening to the voice of your soul and following it's path, you will find peace of mind and you will succeed with whatever task you may start.

I have heard that the aborigines make use of what they refer to as "walkabout". Sometimes it may happen that you turn to the right on the path of life, but you soul turns to the left. This will obviously make you feel lost. At such a time in your life, you should give yourself lots and lots of free time just to walk about and experience all facets of life. After having walked for some time you will in the end find your soul. At this time you should sit down and have a long conversation with your soul. Talk, talk, talk until you can not find more words – that's when the discussion will become really interesting!

Everybody usually think that they know exactly who they are, what they want / like / dislike / dream and so on. But somehow it is quite usual that people still are not in phase with their own souls. It is very important always to know who you are, where you are and what you really are doing – and not just on the surface, but deep inside. "Temet Nosce" is a Latin quote that means "to know thyself" – I find this to be an important quote to remember at all times, because when I feel in harmony with my own soul I feel capable of almost anything.

The Force will be with you – Always

We all carry immense powers inside us. The problem is that far from everybody has learnt how to use these powers. They will always be there for you when you follow you heart and soul, they will never leave you even if you neglect them. Some people may say that mental powers don't exist. Don't listen to them! Maybe you don't have the powers of a wizard, but in your mind and in your soul you have very important and very useful powers. Your biggest strength is your soul!

There's a lot of stress in the modern world. It gets more and more important for everyone to find an inner peace. Follow your soul, please do! Learn what mental powers you possess, learn to use them, learn to trust them and not to be afraid of using them.

Share your joy with others!

If you are happy you should say it out loud and try to make other people happy! If you see something nice or if somebody do something nice or helpful your should tell it to others – especially if this means giving compliments to people around you. There are always possibilities to give compliments! Laugh and the world laughs with you; snore and you sleep alone, as Anthony Burgess so nicely put it.

To help others and to give compliments makes me feel better with my own life. To give gifts to others is for me a greater joy than receiving their gifts. The best gift I can get is the joy in the face of the receiver!

Every person carries a seed within

The seed that you carry within may give you the possibility of becoming a clever programmer, a famous musician, an inventive chef, a famous artist, a skilled blacksmith or what ever. The problem is when you carry a seed, which never gets a chance to grow. You might be the perfect farmer, but live in the middle of a metropolis. Maybe you ought to have become a viking, but were born 1000 years too late. If you feel lost, and don't know what you want to do, or you simply can't hear your inner voice no matter how hard you listen, then you must test different things in life until you find the tight way – or you must do all in your power to satisfy with the position that you have achieved.

Throughout my life I've had dreams of moving abroad, to work in some exciting country like Italy or China. Because of different reasons I haven't been mature for the move, and have not found the right ways. But suddenly the proper doors were opened – to a totally unexpected country. How could I have known that I was supposed to go to Iceland? Anyway, now that I sit here, I realise that it will be a time filled with useful lessons and experiences. I really feel that I'm the right person at the right place – even if Icelandic happens to be one of the languages that I do not know. Now I can see that this is something that I like. I get a new perspective on everything in my life, a perspective on what I find to be good and bad in my home country of Sweden – but I also learn, probably most of all, to cherish my family, my home town, my friends.

What I'm trying to say is that if you don't know your "destiny", or how you can control it, the best thing to do is probably to be alert and catch the lines that are thrown out to you. It may very well prove that not all decisions prove to be the best, even if you are ever so convinced about them at the beginning, but the experiences are always guaranteed to give you help to judge what way to continue forward to find the place where your seed can grow.

Time is what you put into it!

Love life! Lover yourself!

Don't follow the flow – find new flows!

Enjoy all the small and simple things in life!