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This page was last updated 12.05.2002

Faeroe Islands & Iceland, Summer of 2001

Thorshavn, Faeroe Islands

Faeroe Islands

Good water!

Getting to Iceland!

The largest forrest on Iceland!

Exploring a lava cave



Poor flowers!

A visit on Mars or Venus?!?


Conny and a real viking


Lava man

Lava cave

Patterns in the sand

Different patterns in the sand

Healthy footcare?!?

Elfhouse with good water

A hobit-hole with a view

Grass man viewing Skógafoss

At Systratapi


A churchfloor created by nature!

A little forrest on the south coast

A very unusual view to be on Iceland!

Two bearded guys

South coast of Iceland


Summer and sun by the glacier


Below Vatnajökul

You can hardly believe this is close to Vatnajökul...

but in this picture it's easier to see the vicinity of the glacier!

Wolfgang can see it too!

Fog at the east coast of Iceland