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© 2003 Patrick Hassel Zein

This page was last updated 13.09.2003

Iceland, Summer of 2003

The three leftmost pictures in the top row were taken by Kicki Sundberg in June 2003, and the rest were taken by Per-Olov Lönn in September 2003.

Me driving a car.

Flowers that taste like honey.

A dead volcano.

My new home.

Again at the dead volcano.

A waterfall I hadn't seen before.

Me at Gullfoss.

Hvitá slithering away.

Me at Geysir.

Me again...

Waiting for an eruption...

...presure building up...

...and there Strokkur is shooting!

Old Geysir was also in the mood this day.

Simultaneous eruptions!

Me freezing at Þingvallavattn.