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Chinese Links

Loads of more information on China! A nice site about Chinese language.
A great site to study Chinese!
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Culture and Assorted Chinese Links
Chinese culture and history links
Chinese Business Culture and Etiquette Guide
The Beauty of Chinese Astrology
China Vista
Chinese Coins
Chinese Culture (by miningco.com)
SinoLogics China Links
Tai Ji Quan

Newspapers, Magazines and Comics in Chinese
China Books & Periodicals Inc
Chinese Magazines!
China News Digest Services
Chinese litterature @ shuku.net
Classical Chinese novels
Gao Xingjian
Lu Xun (Lu Hsün)
New Threads - assorted Chinese texts
Peoples Daily and other newspapers

Chinese Radio and TV
Chinese radio and TV from Deutsche Welle Online
Study Mandarin Chinese using VOA
Travelling Through China
China Experience
Journey to Beijing

Pictures of China, August 1999
China News Digest InfoBase – Scenery Pictures
Pictures of Hangzhou

Chinese memory game
Chudadi - a Chinese cardgame!
My own Mah Jong Page

Tools, Statistics and Help
Asia Soft
Chinese characters dictionary web
Cool Chinese fonts!
Erik Petersons On-Line Chinese Tools
Erik Petersons "Get a Chinese name"
FAQ about the Chinese Language
Jun Da's Web Central
MDBG - A GREAT site to study Chinese!
On-Line Dictionaries
The Rosetta Stone Language Library
Twin Bridge - Tools and software
Wenlin - Translating and practicing Chinese
Wiktionary: Kinesiskt radikalindex
zhongwen.com - my favoyrite dictionary on the Net!

Education, Studies and Universities
Animated Chinese Characters – stroke order
Chinese calligraphy
Chinese Characters – Etymology, Dictionary and Chatt
Chinese Character Flashcards (a really good page!)
Chinese idioms
Chinese phonetics
Chinese University of Hong Kong Home Page
Chinese vocabulary games
Clavis Sinica - Key to the Chinese Language
Internet Guide for China Studies
Peking University Home Page