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© 1997 – 2011 Patrick Hassel Zein

This page was last updated 20.09.2013

Unusual Knitted Sweaters for Men

After having discovered that it's awfully difficult to find patterns to unusual, fun, personal, exciting and "yummy" sweaters for men, I decided to publish some of the latest models that I've designed by myself. The fact that all my sweaters are intended for men doesn't necessarily mean that they won't fit women or children – at least it's surely possible to find inspiration in my ideas.

By "natural reasons", most of the models that I design are for men and knitted in Icelandic wool, but if women like some of the models, or in someone prefers other yarns, I don't think that should cause any problem.

All illustrations on this page are thumbnails - click on them to get larger pictures!

My patterns are for sale on ravelry.com!



This extraordinarily tasteful and elegant model has a cable knitted pattern, where the cables are in relief, like a net, above the coloured fields. The background (grey in most examples below) is purled, while the areas in deviating colours are knitted. The net itself is in the same colour as the background. The model is available both with and without hood. See the photo at the top of this page!

I've labelled this technique of mixing cable knitting and colours as "frame-work-knitting".

Sizes: S (M) L.
Length: 71 (75) 75 cm.
Width: 112 (120) 128 cm.

"A Chinese Model":

This model is simple to knit and has an "unusual" cutting. However, this pattern is so far only available as a sketch...

Sizes: XS (S) M (L) XL.
Length: 70 (72) 74 (76) 78 cm.
Width: 106 (112) 120 (128) 136 cm.

Please note: The character in the example below is my own name. I might help you in finding other characters... ;-)

Diagrams: You can already have a look at some diagrams for knitting Chinese characters -- including more than 20 (Nordic) names! ;-)

"The Southern Cross":

A more demanding variation of the frame-work-knitting presented in the above models. A pattern of "rail-stitches" is painting out a cable knitted pattern in relief. The bands and the "rail-stitches" are knitted on a purled background. The bands (including the "rail-stitches") are preferably knitted in one or more deviating colours. The model may be given a hood similar to the one in "Tiler".

Sizes: S (M) L.
Length: around 72 (74) 76 cm.
Width: around 112 (120) 128 cm.

"Four of Diamonds":

A very simple variation of the frame-work-knitting technique presented in "Tiler". The result of this pattern looks like a grey sweater with wholes in it worn on top of a yellow sweater - or possibly as a plain grey sweater with sewn-on applications. The model may be given a hood similar to the one in "Tiler".

Sizes: S (M) L.
Length: around 72 (74) 76 cm.
Width: around 112 (120) 128 cm.

"Greek Meanders":

I though it might be interesting to knit Greek meander-strips. However, when the pattern was finished, I wasn't totally satisfied with the result. Maybe someone else may find a nice implementation of the pattern?


When I was testknitting a mini-version of the pattern to "Four of Diamonds", I got the idea that one might put a number of small and random squares on a sweater. Since this is yet another example of my frame-work-knitting, the droplets will more or less be "flowing" like jewels on top of the background. I haven't tried knitting this pattern myself (could that be since this is a less "masculine" pattern?), but maybe it is of interest to someone else?

"Railway Crossings":

All the cable knitted patterns made me think of a technique called "rail loops", which is a little "sidetrack" (pun intended!) of cable knitting. Single knitted loops are lifted above the background. Simple and elegant. This pattern is probably difficult to make polychrome and it would be tricky to fit the pattern on my standard model for hoods... But it is possible to select between knitted or purled background!

"Leafy slipover":

Autumn is apparently the time when I get ideas for knitted sweaters. Since I now have so many sweaters, it felt right to start thinking about knitting a waistcoat. Once again, the pattern is structural in natural colours and the yarn is 100% Icelandic wool. Green leaves are knitted with outlines and have stems in the same grey colour as the purled background. I'm considering making the waistline, armholes and neckline green... There will probably be no pattern on the back.

Other sweaters that I've knitted...

My first model (spring of 2001) is a plain sweater with a section of Viking pattern. Pattern made by Elsebeth Lavold. This is how I was trapped in the cable knitted patterns:

My second model with matching touque (summer and winter of 2001) is almost identical to the above one, but with more colour. One thread of blue wool goes through the entire sweater. Two-threaded wool of seven other colours are mixed with the basic thread. Some pattern has been added on the sleeves.

My third model (autumn of 2001) was made on request. The pattern consists of seven pairs of snakes. The pattern to the snake-heads was found in a book by Elsebeth Lavold, the rest of the design is my own work:

Things knitted from patterns that I didn't design myself...

Knitted from Icelandic patterns:
A rather intricate shawl   A more simple but very elegant shawl   Matching mittens to the red shawl

A funny hat for a little girl:
This is the only item on this page that is NOT knitted in Icelandic wool! ;-)

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