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Diagrams to Knit Chinese Characters

The diagrams on this page are possible to apply on different tensions and sizes of knitted items. For my own model of a Chinese sweater, I recommend 2 * 2 loops per square. It's probably also possible to knit, for example, one loop or 3 *3 loops per square, but personally I doubt that'd be such a good idea...

Chinese personal names are usually written with two characters. Some of the names listed below are written with one or three characters each. If a name is written with more than one character, then the characters should not be separated from each other. The characters that are not used as names are on the other hand supposed to be used one by one!

Anna: Pronounced "An Na". "An" means "safe" or "protected" (the character simply shows a woman sitting under a portecting roof). The second character represent the syllable "-na-" in female names.

Barbara: Pronounced "Ba Ba La". "Ba" means "bamboo fence". "La" means "to pull".

David: Pronounced "Da Wei", meaning "Big Protector".

Eva: "Ai Wa" = "Loves Babies".

Gro: This Norwegian name becomes "Ge Lu" in Chinese. "Ge" is a plant used to make clotht. "Lu" means "beautiful jade".

Johan / John: This name becomes "Yue Han" in Chinese. "Yue" means "to make an appointment". "Han" means a long feather.

Karin / Caren: This name becomes "Kai Rui" in Chinese, meaning "The Beginning of Happiness". The second character ("Rui") can also be interpreted as "Sweden"!

Laura / Lola: Pronounced as "Luo La". "Luo" is a net used to snare birds. "La" means "to pull".

Lena / Lina: "Li" means "beautiful". "Na" is a character used in women's names.

Lisa: "Li" means "beautiful". "Sha" is some kind of flower or plant.

Malin: Both "Ma" and "Lin" are jewels.

Maria / Marie / Mary: Pronounced "Ma Li Ya". "Ma" is a green jewel. "Li" means "beautiful". "Ya" means "Asia". Is your name "Mary"? Then skip the third (rightmost) character!

Martin: This "Ma" means "horse". "Ding" is a bit tricky to translate, but "man" is one of the meanings of this character.

Paul / Paolo: This name is written as "Bao Luo". "Bao" means "to protect". "Luo" is a net used to snare birds.

Paula: The character "Bao" means "treasure" or "precious". "Lan" means "orchid". Simply a "Precious Orchid"!

Peter: This name is written "Bi De" in Chinese, but the pronunciation is more or less "Pi Te", i.e. "Pete". "Bi" = "eachother". "De" = "to obtain", "to need".

Ruth: "Lu" means "beautiful jade".

Sara: Pronounced "Sha La". The first character is probably the name of a flower. The second character means "to pull".

Susanne: "Su Shan", where "Su" is some kind of plant, and "Shan" means "coral".

Torbjörn / Björn: Pronounced "Tou Bin". "Tu" means "way", "route" or "journey". "Bin" means "stylish" and "talented". Select only "Bin" (the right character) for "Björn"!

Wolfgang (Ulf): Since the wolf is an unsuitable animal to be used in Chinese names, this name has been translated a bit more phonetically into "Fox-hill", or "Hu Gang".

"Love" (to the left) and "Fortune" (to the right):

"Happiness" (to the left) and "Longevity" (to the right):

"Peace" (to the left) and "Protected" (to the right):