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© 1999 – 2003 Patrick Hassel Zein

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Pictures from Iceland, from the Summer of 1999 to the winter of 2000

Whenever I step out from "my" house in the "Shadows" of Reykjavík (not the oldest part of the city, but next to) and stroll towards the lively centre of the capital or down to the sea, I always take care in having a peak at Esja. Esja is like an ever-present guardian even if she isn't higher than 1000 meters. Usually it's enough to go around a corner or upstairs to get a magnificent and most varied view of the mountains in the north. Some of the mountains are covered in snow all year around, but Esja can get almost totally uncovered around August. The colours vary in all possible hues of earth tones from rusty brown to yellowish green and more. At a distance Esja seems to be one huge and rather steep hill (well, apart from the top, which is simply a pile of sharp-edged rocks), but when you get closer or up on the mountain, you will find several hidden ravines and twists in the mountain. The sea between Reykjavík and the mountains has also got the most astounding power of changing its colour, structure and mood. It is no surprise if one becomes a bit poetical...

Gullfoss. May 1999.

Gullfoss and snow in May. May 1999!

Gullfoss flowing away in the ravine. May 1999.

An old hotspring at Geysir. May 1999.

The active hotspring "Strokkur" at Geysir. May 1999.

A mountain stream at Þingvallir. May 1999.

A rocky ridge at Þingvallir. May 1999.

A view by the mountain Esja. September 1999.

Take some time to look down as well as up! September 1999.

The Southwest end of Iceland. September 1999.

Magical autumn by the sea. September 1999.

Gullfoss in spring. March 2000.

Expedition to the North Pole? No, Esja in spring! March 2000.

Esja and the sea in silvery light. May 2000.

My second address in Reykjavík (the grey house). June 2000.

Old house, modern car. June 2000.

The island Viðey is situated between Reykjavík and Esja. June 2000.

River-rafting in Hvitá. July 2000.

Summer swim in glacial river. July 2000.

Wet but very happy colleagues. July 2000.

After the rafting adventure – I'm sitting at the bottom left corner. July 2000.

The nature is close in a capital such as Reykjavík! July 2000.

There are traces of many artists in Reykjavík... July 2000.

A beautiful day up on Esja. August 2000.

Me and myself on the top of Esja. August 2000.

By the northern seashore in Reykjavík... December 2000.

The little lake in Reykjavík. December 2000.

36 pictures from Faeroe Islands and Iceland (updated 08.04.2002)